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PSI Consulting Services

The Right Expert - Right Now!

The times have changed. Consulting models of the past 15 years are no longer valid. Clients are demanding 'drop in' fit experts to solve point problems, fill short term gaps, and drive changing methodology. PSI is meeting this dynamic 'just in time' requirement for engineering resources by building the largest network of independent, known, trusted, expert design engineers in the Rocky Mountain region.

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PSI exclusive consulting alliance

Pinpoint Solutions Associates Program

Connecting experts with opportunities

Building a community of professionals

Meeting the demands of today's consulting clients

Pinpoint Solutions, Inc.'s PSA program is a unique affiliation of independent contractors created to bridge the gap between being independent, and being a 'consulting company. PSI has 22+ years in engineering design contracting. With over 200 designs completed, over 100 satisfied customers, and well over 1000 active business contacts, PSI knows where the work is.

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