PSI introduces the world's first HD wireless HMD receiver for training and simulation. The Night Vision Training HMD is now being demonstrated.




HMD2 Kopin Driver Board

The PSI HMD-2 is a compact, low power follow-up to our original HMD driver board for Kopin displays.  It features a standard input connector, highly integrated electronics, precision DAC channel matching, fewer parts, and an integrated color backlight driver.  The board is approximately 1/2 the size of our original board.  It is ideally suited for demonstration, and production HMD system that use either (or BOTH) the Kopin 1280x1024 mono display and Kopin 1280x1024 color filter display.

Click on image above to view the joint PSI/Oasys Technology product brief presented at SPIE in 2007.



PSI Systems Design & Product Development

PSI has repeatedly proven itself through system design successes. PSI can design from 'spec on a napkin' and deliver complete electronic systems. Our core expertise in digital design is combined with decades of experience in board design, and systems integration. The results? Successful systems - the first time!


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