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Introducing the PSI "ADPCM LCO/HCO" Voice compression cores.
  PSI ADPCM cores are the highest performance industry standard multi channel voice compression hardware coprocessor cores available today.

Key Benefits

• Lowest cost per channel
• Highest channel density per gate
• Offloads your DSP, equal to 3-7 MIP’s
per channel
• Targeted for FPGA, ASIC or SOC designs
• Solid deliverables package
• ITU standards G.726, G.727
• Highest performance, low latency
voice processing

• (IAD) Integrated Access Devices.
Voice/Data multiplexers.
Channel Bank Voice Concentrators.
Voice over IP/DSL (Packet/Cell/Frame)
• Voice Storage (selected record
and playback).
• Wireless: DECT and Cellular.
• Voice Gateways.
• (SOHO) Small Office Home Office.
DSL Modems.
Cable Modem.
• (CO) Central office equipment.
Cable Modem Head End Equipment.
Large scale Voice Concentrators.
• Computer Telephony Integration.
Voice mail.
WAN voice processing.
• PBX (Private Branch Exchange).

PSI technical Information

Product Briefs:
ADPCM-LCO (Low channel count)
ADPCM-HCO (High channel count)

Full data Sheets:
ADPCM-LCO (Low channel count)
ADPCM-HCO (High channel count)

Pinpoint Solutions Inc ADPCM soft cores are designed to perform the task of small to large-scale voice compression. The designs are a unique realization of the ITU algorithms optimized for high performance and low gate count. The true benefit of ADPCM voice compression is to significantly reduce transport or storage bandwidth requirements. The cores are designed to offload the internal voice processing tasks from RISC or DSP centric architectures.

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