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Pinpoint Solutions, Inc.'s PSA program is a unique affiliation of independent contractors created to bridge the gap between being independent, and being a 'consulting company. PSI has 22+ years in engineering design contracting. With over 200 designs completed, over 100 satisfied customers, and well over 1000 active business contacts, PSI knows where the work is.

For many independent contractors, potential for strong income, flexibility, variety, and cutting edge work opportunities are outstanding. However, the business side of generating leads, finding new clients, and managing the business interface is often difficult, daunting, and discouraging. Add to that the requirements for multiple clients, control of work environment needed to prove 1099 status, and the potential for isolation, and some excellent contractors gravitate back to the 'corporate world'

PSI's PSA program addresses all these issues. We bring programs that fit your skills to you for independent bidding. We create and maintain the business relationship during the contract. We put in place financial incentives for quality work, extended contracts, repeat work, and introduction to quality engineers to join the PSA program.

Beyond that, PSA members join a community of like minded entrepeneural people. PSI facilitates PSA wide functions from fun fests to training. PSI recognizes that ongoing training is crucial to independent engineers. We use our large group status to facilitate training with many tools and other EDA companies. We make sure that PSA members get to know each other. We have a private web area for discussion and mutual 'help' forums so that all PSA members can assist each other as needed - to the better service of clients, and betterment of self.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the PSA program, contact PSI today. We have programs in need of talent - TODAY!

-Peter Parsons








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